Lawson Knight

Managing Principal

For three decades Lawson has been raising money and deploying it for stronger institutions and communities. He knows endowments, capital projects, and has been trusted with tens of millions in assets. His knowledge of giving runs the gamut from entry level gifts of cash to complex deferred gift transactions. While leading Blue Mountain Community Foundation, the nonprofit was named Not-for-Profit of the Year.

Lawson sees a future where Philanthropic capital, combined with institutional and personal assets, are deployed for impact. He believes that endowments are a good tool to generate income for various programs and sees tremendous opportunity in deploying their underlying assets for even more impact. He believes this so much, he founded i3 with fellow believer and friend, Brett White.
(509) 293-7544

Brett White

Managing Principal

Brett has spent nearly thirty years working to operate and rescue community social enterprises. He has observed the value and importance of community-scaled activity at the confluence of the public and private sector. He insists that an organization’s mission and values, rather than its tax status, should be the principal driver of its importance to the people and place it serves.

Brett has worked in many states and Canadian Provinces with nonprofit, public and private institutions, to create strategies to solve local problems. He is famous (or infamous, depending upon your perspective) for concentrating attention on the confluence of capital and capacity. Brett focuses on the realms of possibility that come only when resources meet capabilities. As Brett sees it, performance is defined by results, not intentions.
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Veronica Roemmich

Finance Director

Veronica, who goes by Roni, has done and can do many things. As her title implies, she knows numbers. She gets accounting, financial management, grant administration, loan portfolio management and forecasting. Throughout her career, she’s worked in big organizations and small ones. She’s worked in public agencies and private business.

Roni makes sure that i’s get dotted and t’s crossed. At Intermountain Impact Investments, she manages day-to-day business operations and regulatory matters.

When not making the world a better place with her financial acumen, she’s making better things for the world, which include ceramics and cupcakes.
(509) 293-7546

Amber Larsen

Communication Director

Amber has worked for nonprofits, family businesses, the federal government and has been self-employed; mostly while living in rural eastern Washington. Her experience in print, web and video communication, have developed her natural journalistic curiosity.

Amber believes social and environmental ecosystems are healthiest when people believe in their own ability to find solutions. She is most interested in supporting collaborative groups of people striving to live in an ecologically and financially sustainable way.

According to her, the future is made up of the strong of spirit. To listen to and retell the stories of those leading us there, is her favorite work. That, and living out of a backpack.
(509) 293-7547