We are an investment firm facilitating the flow of capital to develop a more prosperous rural west. We see ourselves as intermediaries and capacity builders, serving both conscious-driven investors and community-focused businesses.

We have personal experience living in rural communities and understand investments here should have a consideration for the totality of the rural economic ecosystem. Our impact assessments consider benefit for both the target community's and the region's goals.

At i3 we are:

  • honest about our process and accountable for results,
  • collaborative so that we contain transaction costs and maintain financial strength,
  • dedicated to the rural west and the people who live here with us.


It's basically plumbing. We connect the pipes from investment capital sources to rural communities. Our investments complement impact transfer payments (public expenditures which make up 25% of rural economies) and prioritize locally controlled assets that derive income.

What Makes Us Unique: 

  • Our Scale: The transaction sizes we target are small enough that big actors aren’t taking them. We do small investments in small towns.
  • Our Scope: We just want to be big enough to do the kind of work that makes a difference and do enough of it to matter. We invest in places people are already working, but money is hard to find.
  • Our Delivery: Our targeted deal sourcing allows for in-depth analysis of investment risk and return; providing measurable financial and social value to investors.
i3 Service Area

i3 Service Area

i3 serves rural communities, defined as a county with a city population under 50,000 people, in eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

Strong communities in the rural west are a vital part of our national economic stability.

Current modes of investment are insufficient to sustain and grow rural communities.

Our Mission

Empower Investors

i3 provides a way for institutions and individuals to invest in the people and places they know.

Strengthen Communities

i3 brings capital to communities creating sustainable solutions that work for them.

Build Capacity

i3 connects innovators with financial tools and networks to leverage their region's assets for community well being.

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